Pricing and Licensing

Grand Avenue delivers quality compliance through the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution suite. The Grand Avenue SaaS license and corresponding fee include:

Annual license to use your selected modules for every employee of your company

Hotline support and access to training materials and the software validation packet

Access to new Grand Avenue version upgrades throughout the license term

The license fee for your organization is simple and transparent, based on:

  • The number of modules licensed. The minimum number of licensed modules is one. The maximum is ten. See the “Solution Suite” page for a description of the available modules.
  • The size of the licensing organization. “Size of the organization” is measured by the number of employees in your company.
  • Grand Avenue uses the number of employees as the main sizing parameter. Many other systems use number of users or perhaps number of concurrent users. By basing the license on the number of employees, Grand Avenue customers may create (and deactivate) user accounts as needed with no immediate impact on the license fee.
  • Customers may allocate permissions and roles to users within the system as needed with no immediate impact on the license fee. For example, if a company needs several users in the role of System Administrator, there is no additional fee for this. Customer may create a reasonable number of user accounts (consultants, suppliers, etc.) with no immediate impact on the license fee.
  • Overall, this allows Grand Avenue customers to run the quality system as most appropriate and optimal for their organization. The don’t have to continually ask, “how much will that cost” each time something changes in the company or in the system.

Simple and straightforward – no extras and no surprises

One-time startup services

  • In addition to the SaaS recurring fees, there are one-time startup fees applicable when the system is initiated or when some modules are deployed.
  • Grand Avenue is committed to getting up and running quickly and correctly.

Grand Avenue is your solution for quality compliance