Audit Management

Simplified Audit Compliance

Grand Avenue’s Audit Management module assists customers in scheduling, planning, executing, implementing, reviewing, and reporting their audit activities.


Templates of audit requirements make it easy to populate each new audit with a baseline set of requirements for compliance.

Quick.  Thorough.  Compliant.


The Audit Summary Report shows the nonconformances and observations for each audit.

Team members easily see audit findings, resulting actions and CAPAs.

Audit Management from Grand Avenue

Out-of-the-box Functionality

  • Define audits by assigning a Lead Auditor, and by describing the audit type, scope, and timeframe.
  • Define and manage the requirements for each audit.
  • Leverage pre-defined requirements templates of commonly used audit requirements such as ISO 13485:2016.
  • Manage internal, external, and supplier audits.
  • Record audit results marking each requirement as conforming, nonconforming, or not applicable.
  • Describe observations, major nonconformances, and minor nonconformances.
  • Augment findings with appropriate action descriptions and/or CAPAs.
  • View the audit summary report including all findings, actions, and CAPAs.