Document Control

Control Documents and Manage Document Changes

Grand Avenue’s Document Control module helps organizations submit, route, approve, and implement electronic document changes and deviations (temporary changes).  


Document Control manages your documentation in a secure, online vault.

Revision history is maintained. Changes are managed.


The document change workflow enables electronic proposals, reviews/approvals, and implementation of document changes across the organization.

Document Control enforces compliance while ensuring efficiently and timely processing of document change requests.

Document Control from Grand Avenue

Out-of-the-box Functionality

  • Web-based submission of change requests (and deviations – temporary changes).
  • Assignment, tracking and verification of change impacts based on the category and type of change.
  • Tracking, management and verification of change implementation activities (e.g. training, document notifications).
  • Closure of changes after all document updates and training has been completed.
  • Integrated deviation process with flexible expiration criteria.
  • Workflow-driven due dates and reminders based on the overall schedule.
  • Flexible search of change requests and documents.
  • Integrated storage of requests, documents and markup files.
  • Online review of change proposals.
  • Up-to-date charts/reports of status and trends.