Nonconforming Materials (NCM)

Tracking Nonconformances from Discovery Through Disposition

Grand Avenue’s NCM module helps identify, contain, and disposition nonconforming material.


Proposed Dispositions are reviewed and approved by the NCM Review Board (MRB).

The NCM workflow provides a closed-loop process to ensure proper follow up and closure of each nonconformance.


Grand Avenue’s searching and trending features help pinpoint problem products, suppliers, or situations.

Time-based metrics highlight the number of occurrences and timeframes for processing nonconformances.

NCM from Grand Avenue

Out-of-the-box Functionality

  • Web-based submission of NCM reports.
  • Integrated MRB collaboration, review and approval.
  • Integrated containment tracking and tagging of materials.
  • Workflow-driven due dates and reminders based on the overall schedule.
  • Flexible searching and trending of NCM reports.
  • Customer-defined failure codes.
  • Track and manage internal and supplier nonconformances.
  • Configurable disposition codes, product locations, and MRB membership.
  • Detailed records of quantities accepted/rejected after disposition.
  • Tight integration with the Grand Avenue CAPA module.
  • Charting, reporting, and trending.