Training Assessment

Tests & Quizzes

Extends the Training Management module to use tests/quizzes to assess a user’s understanding of the completed training.

Grand Avenue Software - Training Assessment

Create custom assessments

Define questions and answers within each assessment. Define the criteria for successful completion of the assessment (number of correct answers to pass).

Define the situations where passing the assessment is required to complete the assigned training.

TRAINING ASSessments extends training management

Streamlines and simplifies the otherwise tedious task of assessing user’s competence on new documents and document revisions.

Provides an integrated closed-loop training workflow across Document Control, Training Management, and Training Assessment.

Grand Avenue Software - Training Assessment

Training Assessment from Grand Avenue

Out-of-the-box Functionality

  • Track user history and test completion.
  • Customize passing requirements and user proficiency expectations.
  • Present the assessment questions in a random order to ensure attentiveness and enhance comprehension.
  • Easily create and define assessments.