Connect Grand Avenue to Important Information Systems

Grand Avenue’s Connector modules deliver a rich, web-based API for facilitating communication between Grand Avenue and other important information systems.  The Connector Read APIs provide access to Grand Avenue information from reporting tools and data warehouses, and the Connector Write APIs enable external systems to automate the creation of new information in a Grand Avenue instance.


Import quality system information into data warehouse or business analytics dashboards.

Connector Read exposes APIs which may be called by external applications to export information on CAPAs, Nonconformances, Issues, Complaints, Training Records, and other important quality system information.  A common use of Connector Read is to connect to business analytical or data warehouse tools to deliver live views of critical quality system data.


Keep Grand Avenue up-to-date with important information authored in other information systems.

Connector Write exposes APIs external applications may exercise to create information in a Grand Avenue instance.  APIs include support for standard process items such as Customers, Suppliers, and Parts.

Connector from Grand Avenue

Standards-based APIs

  • Delivered as a set of RESTful web APIs that can be consumed by external tools and applications.
  • Aligned with the OData standard to enable support with most common reporting and integration platforms.
  • Connector Read APIs support a search and export (pull) type of interaction (get a set of data or records, export the results).
  • Connector Write APIs create (write) information in Grand Avenue.